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We're a community of men transforming other men through a power greater than ourselves.

The Ohio Chapter of Illuman is a nonprofit organization for men who are simply interested in becoming better, more authentic men. We welcome all men to our work without regard for your ethnicity, class, education, sexual orientation, religion or any other characteristic that might make you feel excluded.  Our programs and offerings focus on providing men with an opportunity to do their ‘inner work’ in the company of other men. We use ritual, teaching and ways of communicating that allow men to create an environment where men can explore what matters to them most.  Contact Us

We foster an environment where:

  • Men can speak without being judged or shamed
  • Men can both speak about their emotions and be emotional
  • Men can forge real and authentic relationships with other men
  • Men can discuss real life challenges of the different roles we play – husband/partner, father, grandfather, provider, businessman, worker etc.
  • Men who participate in our work receive support as they journey through life and face some of life’s toughest challenges and transitions. Our programs are centered in ritual experiences rather than in conceptual teachings. Illuman creates opportunities for men that we know they can’t find on their own or anywhere else.

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Your support in all forms, including prayer, service, and money,
is met with gratitude and a commitment to honor your gifts by using them well.


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Your support in all forms, including prayer, service, and money,
is met with gratitude and a commitment to honor your gifts by using them well.


News & Articles

We regularly publish news and information with programs and resources for men on a spiritual journey. You can also subscribe to the Ohio Chapter of Illuman newsletter to receive monthly updates.


Men's Rites of Passage

The Men’s Rite of Passage (MROP) is primarily designed for men in second-half of life (ages 30 – 65) and is a five-day / four night, deeply prayerful and soulful experience that builds on the classic patterns of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching. Each day includes participating in group prayer, major teachings on central masculine spirituality themes, quiet time for reflection, and sharing in the context of a home group.


Journey of Illumination (JOI)

Journey of Illumination Flyer

Journey of Illumination Flyer

We are pleased to invite you into this Journey of Illumination, a process for continued spiritual growth and transformation of men.

The Journey of Illumination is a five-fold process or practice, informed by rich spiritual tradition, that challenges you to show up and pay attention daily to the need to overcome the weight of your routine. The goal of this process is to realize a full, intense and well-grounded spiritual journey. Doing so is not easy, but it does involve clear elements:

→  Centering - we are men grounded in the power of the here and now.
→  Gathering - we are men who listen deeply to each other's stories.
→  Connecting - we are men who choose another to walk with - shoulder to shoulder.
→  Releasing - We are men who let go of the ways that no longer serve us.
→  Serving - we are men who honor the earth and serve the whole human community.



Way of Council

Way of Council Flier

Way of Council Flier

The Way of Council is a central and foundational practice for organizing gatherings within Illuman. The Way of Council represents a rich blend of age-old communication practices from an array of wisdom traditions...

Speaking from the heart and listening from the heart are the two most important prerequisites in practicing the Way of Council. Being aware of how we communicate is also crucial. It helps to remember that 55% of what we convey in talking to another is determined by body language (posture, gesture, and eye contact), 38% by tone of voice, and only 7% by the actual content of what we say. We therefore need to listen for more than the words. That means paying careful attention to the other person, not trying to think of how we’ll respond. We have to avoid “rehearsing” while the other person is still speaking.

Click here for a list of council gatherings in Ohio.


Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

Illuman is a global not for profit organization committed to supporting men who are seeking to deepen their spiritual lives.  We are an organization that is open to all men based on the simple belief that we are all brothers.  While Illuman was founded in 2012, it emerged from the remarkable work of Men as Learners and Elders (M.A.L.Es) founded by Fr. Richard Rohr. In December 2012, Fr. Richard blessed Illuman as the organization approved to continue the work begun by M.A.L.Es, and the Men’s Rites of Passage.

“Men are asked to come with a willingness to participate from beginning to end and not as an observer. All participants begin at point zero with no agendas to live up to or down to. All that is required is for a man to come with a ‘beginner’s mind’ and the readiness of a young novice seeking wisdom. Ultimately, initiation, like life itself, is not a spectator’s sport.” - Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

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