Soularize – Seasons of our Lives: How Do We Cultivate Wholeness?

Our brothers in the Illinois Chapter of Illuman recently sent a message to their members and alums regarding the upcoming Soularize Conference and gathering this November in Albuquerque, NM...

One of the exciting events offered by Illuman, the national organization of men in the lineage of Richard Rohr is SOULARIZE, a wonderful weekend for men.  This year's SOULARIZE will take place in Bernalillo, New Mexico on November 6-8, 2015.  Registration cost for the event is $279.00.

This event will allow men to:

  • Hear teachings on the Seasons of Our Lives and Cultivating Wholeness
  • Experience Council, a unique way that men listen to and connect with other men
  • Participate in prayer, ritual, and community with other men
  • Enjoy time in nature and have an opportunity to connect with God’s presence in the natural environment
  • Please join other members of Illinois M.A.L.E.s and other brothers by participating in Soularize, November 6- 8.  Reserve your spot before this men's weekend fills up.  The primary hotel is filling up quickly.

Information and registration are available at: