Henri Nouwen: Life of the Beloved (Part 5)

Today we post the fifth installment of an eight-part series consisting of three total sermons delivered by Henri Nouwen in 1992, around the time his book Life of the Beloved was published. This part contains the call for us to give our gifts to others and in doing so fulfill our blessedness and belovedness in God...

As the first part addressed Being the Beloved, this sermon speaks to Becoming the Beloved. You are invited to follow along in this self-paced study and spiritual reflection as Nouwen delivers an inspired and powerful testament to the love of God for all peoples...

Important Themes

  • We are there for each other and for the generations to come.
  • Your life is a gift for those you know and for those you will never know or know you.
  • From your brokenness...you can bear immense fruit for others.