Henri Nouwen: Life of the Beloved (Part 8)

Today we post the eighth and final installment of an eight-part series consisting of three total sermons delivered by Henri Nouwen in 1992, around the time his book Life of the Beloved was published. In this sermon Henri helps us to understand community. He talks about people creating a fellowship of the weak and of the poor so that we may discover our own poverty, brokenness and weakness, and not be afraid of it...

The first sermon addressed Being the Beloved. The second sermon speaks to Becoming the Beloved. This final sermon invites us to become Disciples of the Beloved. You are invited to follow along in this self-paced study and spiritual reflection as Nouwen delivers an inspired and powerful testament to the love of God for all peoples...

Important Themes

  • Poor people give us life. (Blessed are the poor...those who mourn)
  • The poor carry the blessing in their hearts for us to live our lives.
  • Community sends us out into the world to proclaim the good news.
  • People need you not only because they are needy, but because they need
    to give their gifts to you.
  • Keep some space open in your life for God's voice.