Ohio Illuman Convener Monthly Update - May 2018

Ohio Chapter of Illuman


Last month was very busy for me. As mentioned in our previous newsletter, I attended the annual Illuman Leadership Retreat early in April. It was a great five days of getting to know my Illuman Brothers who are in positions of leadership. We spent a lot of time in Council while also doing our own spiritual and group work.

Paul Samuelson from the ManKind Project (MKP) was also in attendance along with another MKP Brother to explore how our two organizations can help support each other while working together. Plans are in the works for a joint men’s summit hosted by Illuman and MKP in 2019. I have reached out locally to the MKP in Ohio to begin to forge a relationship in anticipation of our collaboration. Stay tuned for more on this exciting development!

A chance encounter with some African-American brothers who were also on retreat in April turned into a wonderful and spontaneous Council (see story below ↓). It resulted in an invitation to participate in an MROP as well as funds being raised for two African American men from Peoria to join us at Soularize this fall in New Mexico. If you have not read about this in the Drumbeat, I encourage you to take a look.

In April I also joined the North Central Ohio Illuman Brothers for their second Council in Bellville. Some really good work is being started there. 🔥

Later in the month I screened The Heart of Man film now available on Netflix with men in the Cleveland area. This film instigated some lively conversation around male sexuality. As part of our discussion, I shared a letter to the editor published in my community newspaper about the relentless negative headlines about men. I discussed our work in Illuman and how it can offer alternatives to toxic masculinity. I would encourage you to do the same in your community. Our brothers need to hear from us.

And towards the very end of April, I joined thirty-five men from across the nation at the retreat called Growing Toward Wholeness. Together we explored the four male archetypes King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover...

I'd like to make special mention of a gathering on May 19th at John Knox Presbyterian Church in North Olmsted which will give us a chance to learn about our Muslim brothers. Any man is welcome to attend Getting to Know Your Muslim Brother ☪️.

And finally this month I'd like to draw attention to our Ohio Illuman Young Men's Rites of Passage called Crossings Ohio taking place July 26-29 near Dover, Ohio. Please spread the word to any men aged 18-30 whom you think might be interested in a rites of passage, and feel free to share their contact information with me so that I can answer any questions and help encourage them to attend. Last year we had to cancel the Crossings due to a lack of participation and we would hate to have this happen again. Young men are also in great need of spiritual work!

Thank you for your interest and participation.
Please stay in touch!

Chuck RihmConvener
Ohio Chapter of Illuman

"Without us God will not. But without God, we can not."
~ Fr. Richard Rohr