Ohio Illuman Monthly Update - May 2019

Ohio Chapter of Illuman

Greetings Brothers!

We hope you're enjoying 
the lovely spring weather and are looking forward to the warmer months ahead. A special wish and blessings to all the women in our lives as we celebrate Mother's Day.

Illuman realizes that many men donโ€™t live in areas served by local Illuman gatherings. If you cannot afford the time or money to attend retreats like the ones mentioned above, or if you simply donโ€™t live near any other Illuman brothers, consider Illumanโ€™s Virtual Council.
Illuman has been working to address issues of connection by conducting Council Circles online. We use an Internet video conferencing system called Zoom to connect with one another from anywhere in the world. These virtual Councils are conducted in much the same manner as in-person Councils would be: with opportunity for some grounded contemplative time, some reflective readings or poetry, and some time wrestling together with challenging prompts. We typically break the larger group into smaller Councils of four to eight men, so that everyone has plenty of time to respond and be present to one another.


Please listen to this 19 minute audio clip of men who have been practicing Virtual Council share why they continue to make the effort to connect with their brothers.
It might seem a bit incongruous to employ technology to help us facilitate connection with others. Nevertheless, in the year or more that we've been holding virtual councils, most participants are surprised to find how quickly the technology fades into the background thus allowing a deeper connection. These Virtual Councils arenโ€™t meant to be a replacement for face-to-face gatherings, but rather a supplement. In addition to our connection with our local brothers, it is an amazing gift to have the opportunity to sit in council with men around the world.
The Way of Council is Illumanโ€™s primary practice, implemented at all levels of our work, from rites of passage to chapter meetings, from our homes to our wider communities. We respect this enough to equip men to do it well, but we acknowledge that council emerges apart from our efforts to control it. Circles have an archetypal life of their own. Council is the best teacher of Council. Click here for a flyer on the Illuman Way of Council.
Stay connected brothers. It is vital. It is not something we as men are particularly good at.
Let us know how we can help you stay connected to us and to each other.


The newsletter would not be complete without a reminder to keep the Young Menโ€™s Rites of Passage this July 25-28, 2019 in mind. We need your help in locating prospective initiates and serving as an elder on the rites. If you know of a young man who might be interested or would like to be an elder, please email Chuck Rihm.

Blessings & A-ho!
Chuck Rihm
Ohio Chapter of Illuman