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Jesus Seminar on the Road: Alternative Christianities

  • 1320 Cambridge Boulevard Columbus, OH, 43212 United States (map)
Last Supper Mural

The traditional Christian story suggests a steady development from Jesus to Paul to the Church β€œFathers,” but over the last 150 years this story has proven false. Other Christianities less known, unknown, or previously ignored are challenging and changing our understanding of Christianity in the past and for the future. What were they like? Why were they lost? And what can we learn from texts like the Gospel of Thomas that were valued then much as Christians value the books of the New Testament today?

Fellows of the Westar Institute are experts in the New Testament and early Christianity and will present lectures and discussion. The Westar Institute is the home of the original Jesus Seminar group that included people like Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan and John Shelby Spong and many others. Our Spiritual Searcher event is what is known through Westar as a Jesus Seminar on the Road.