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Wilderness Dance Vision Quest - Texas Hill Country

  • The Texas Hill Country Fredericksburg, TX United States (map)
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Spending time in nature is an important part of life and tremendously important for those following a spiritual path. You never know what you'll see, or who may be watching you!

There are many ways to participate in nature including hiking/wandering, dance, and vision quests. The following is an upcoming event at the end of September in the Texas Hill Country being led by people with a great deal of experience, wisdom and generativity. This event is open to men and women...

West Texas Mountains


This is your invitation to the next offering of a Wilderness Dance Vision Quest to be held September 30 - October 4, 2015. This quest is open to any man or woman seeking greater depth and clarity about life's purpose and meaning. Our intention is to see clearly the temptation of the false egocentric self and to descend into the mystery of nature in order to shed this inauthentic identity. We are committed to creating a soul-centered experience that uncovers your passion and wisdom and elicits a new freedom and joy that is capable of being transmitted to the world.  


We incorporate 28 days of preparation in which participants are guided through at-home activities designed to facilitate a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical cleansing. The heart of the quest consists of spending 3 days and 3 nights solo in nature while fasting (water only). Our guides use ritual and ceremony to create an environment suitable for examining the inner life, facing fears, releasing that which no longer serves us, and becoming aware of new ways of authentic being. Upon returning to base camp we will break the fast and begin the work of integrating the vision into our lives so that it may be carried back to our peoples. As deep speaks to deep, so the wilds of outer nature mirror our own inner nature. Our wild nature has been created with astonishing resources, unrealized gifts and depths that most of us might not know exist until we discover how to access, cultivate, and integrate them into our daily lives.  

No previous backpacking or camping experience is required. The full experience is a 4 day vision quest but we will adapt the experience to best match your abilities and tolerances at the time. Participants are responsible for personal camping gear, details will be included in preparation materials sent out after registering.

  • Website:
  • Location: Texas Hill Country
  • Cost: $350-$400 (depending on number of registrants)
  • Deadline: September 2, 2015 (late registration available with certain restrictions)
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Please feel free to share this event information with anyone you know who might be interested in participating. A group of 10-15 participants would make for a truly great event.

With much love and gratitude from the Wilderness Dance team,

Terry and Jill Frisbie, and Stephen Gambill

Terry Frisbie

Terry Frisbie

Jill Frisbie

Jill Frisbie

Stephen Gambill

Stephen Gambill

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